Medical Collection


Fine Lace Wig is your trusted licensed Medical Wig Vendor of cranial prostheses wigs and hair care solutions. Explore premium human hair medical wigs with textures designed to mimic the natural look of your hair while ensuring maximum comfort. Our collection includes high-quality wigs for cancer patients, natural African American cancer wigs, and a variety of textures suitable for all cultures, as well as silicone wigs for Alopecia.




  • Lightweight and breathable: Made with lightweight materials like monofilament or lace fronts, our medical wigs let your scalp breathe, preventing sweating and irritation.
  • Secure fit: Our medical wigs are designed with adjustable straps or silicone linings to ensure a secure hold without adhesives, minimizing the risk of slipping or irritation.
  • Gentle on sensitive scalps: We use hypoallergenic materials and avoid harsh chemicals to prevent further scalp discomfort.

Things to consider when choosing a medical hair wig:

  • Type and degree of hair loss: Consult your doctor or a wig specialist to determine the best cap and style for your needs.
  • Comfort and sensitivity: Choose materials and features that prioritize gentle care for your scalp.
  • Budget and insurance coverage: In certain cases, insurance may cover the cost of medical wigs. It is advisable to reach out to your insurance provider to inquire about the coverage. We can offer assistance in the process.