European Hair Wigs

Our collection of high-end wigs features double-drawn hair and the option of top lace or silk top to create the most realistic transition.  We also offer custom European Human Hair Wigs. These high-quality lace wigs are made from 100% Remy Human Hair which is the highest quality hair available. 


European Hair Wigs are the ultimate in high-end wig quality and craftsmanship. Each piece is made with double-drawn hair, featuring a silk top cap and the option of lace transition to create a seamless look that appears entirely natural

European wigs are the most expensive wigs but they are so worth it! The double-drawn hair wigs do not have short hairs and only the highest quality hair is used. This ensures you get a wig that is thicker from top to bottom, giving you maximum volume. 

The silk top cap on European Hair Wigs adds an extra layer of luxury in addition to providing natural-looking scalp coverage. The lace in the front of the silk provides a natural hairline

These caps boast a superior structure made your choice from mono-filaments, silicone, and silk fabric. In comparison to the majority of other wig models on the market, you won't find more quality craftsmanship and staying power than with an exceptional European Wig.

Our collection of European Hair Wigs features exquisite high-end pieces crafted from the finest European hair. Each wig is meticulously created with precision, using only the most luxurious virgin hair available.